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Studying abroad at the Steger Center with Switzerland and Europe as your classroom offers you valuable opportunities to grow. You can study geology in the Alps, study groundbreaking architecture in various cities, and engage with practitioners at some of the world’s most important NGOs. You will gain new perspectives and develop skills, independence, and self-confidence. Your international experience will also set you apart from other job seekers when you graduate. Choosing to study abroad helps you take the first step to becoming a global citizen, a choice that will benefit you personally and in your future professional career.

The programs offered at the Steger Center are different from other study abroad programs because of the breadth of opportunities available to students. Even without leaving the town of Riva San Vitale, you can experience art, nature, and history. The Steger Center itself also offers unique opportunities unrivaled by other study abroad programs. The Steger Center, housed in the historic 18th century Villa Maderni, is designed for student engagement and learning. Students from various departments and colleges, who may never have crossed paths at VT, will live and learn together at the Steger Center, creating an exciting environment for interdisciplinary collaboration. Riva's proximity to other European destinations make these programs excellent opportunities for students to travel on weekend excursions and program field trips.

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