With the world as your classroom, education abroad will offer you invaluable opportunities to grow. You will gain a completely new perspective and develop skills, independence, and self-confidence. Your international experience will also set you apart from other job seekers when you graduate. The benefits of an education abroad experience are limitless!

The Steger Center is different from other education abroad programs because of the breadth of opportunities available to attendees. Even without leaving the town of Riva San Vitale, students can experience art, nature, and history. Riva's proximity to other European destinations, paired with opportunities for students to travel on weekend excursions, makes the program a unique experience not found in other programs.

What do previous students say about their experiences?

"Riva San Vitale is a magical place that I was so lucky to stay in while studying abroad. I wish I had the opportunity to go back! "
Emma T. Martin '17, Environmental Policy and Planning 

"I am a better leader, friend, and professional because of my time with Presidential Global Scholars and the Steger Center and I would do it all over again if I had the chance!"
Nancy Sloan '17, Engineering Science and Mechanics

"Living at the Steger Center for a semester was an incredible experience. The classes I took were engaging and were taught in a beautiful classroom. The meals I ate were delicious and gave me an opportunity to connect with students from other programs who were also living in the building. Overall, the semester I spent there was one of my best semesters in college, and I absolutely recommend participating in a program at the Steger Center."
Poornika Kakkanaiah '16, Finance and Psychology